Shibetoshi the REAL DogeFather!

Join us in the quest to find Shibetoshi Nakamoto's true identity, the Inu and the myth behind DOGE

Token Contract Address: 0x591A9bffFd942a73c2263658fdA7a5ddE141bB8c

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What mechanics does the great Shibetoshi include?

$SHIBETOSHI was designed to reward holders and discourage dumping.

Correcting the errors of past so-called "anti-whale" tokens with fixed transaction and wallet limits that become useless as the number of pooled tokens decrease over time, we have introduced a dynamic sell limit that's based on price impact.

Each sell is limited to 3% price impact to prevent whale dumps. Only 5 sells with increasing sell cooldowns and taxation rates on consecutive sells are allowed per account within a 24 hours period to prevent sell offs.

How to buy $SHIBETOSHI?

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Donation Address: 0x3f6F8d2fDf14B8Bd9743f4343d4De930A2b7d3e1

Donations for marketing are welcomed!

As requested by the community, a donation account address has been created.

This will hopefully be useful for raising funds towards any marketing, such as UNC bot promotion, social media or advertising on other crypto projects such as DexTools or ZooToken